Tom Murawski

October 29, 2016 3:19 pm tom-murawski-8-29-16

Earning the title of Neptune “Eze Fit Ass Kicker of The Week” is Tom Murawski. My man Tom has been training at a level I have yet to see anyone at Eze Fit reach, ever! Seriously all his workouts has been NEXT LEVEL! Burning over 1000 calories per class and training at maximum intensity. His MYZONE effort stream is insane to behold, you’ll think it was strapped up to a machine. I knew Tom was destined for greatness from the fist day he walked into my gym with his Queen Resa, who happens to be his biggest inspiration! He’s had non stop success in achieving goal after goal ever since that day. You know what’s even more impressive about Tom? He joined Eze Fit during our Sizzling Summer Slim Down Challenge and lost 17 lbs in 6 weeks. Now, instead of slacking off all summer like a lot of people and putting the weight back on, he actually lost even more weight! Not two, not five, but another ten whopping pounds! This dude is amazing on so many levels!

I woke up Sunday morning and told Jon what I’ve been feeling all week about Tom and he laughed and said “Yo, me too bro, this is definitely his week.” Here’s Jon’s 2 cents about Tom. “Loosing a grand total of twenty-seven pounds, Tom has inspired us all at EZE Fitness. His discipline, dedication, and sick work ethic has finally paid off! As an individual Tom came to us looking to make a difference in his life and those around him. He noticed one day it was time to seek relentless possibilities. Change was something he wanted, so he joined EZE Fitness and it was the best decision he ever made. Through thick and thin, blood, sweat, and tears he never once gave up. We praise him tremendously on his resilience. Jemand and I first noticed his tremendous capabilities after his shocking results through this year’s Summer Sizzling Slim down. Tom is one who goes the extra mile with remarkable enthusiasm. The past couple weeks Tom has been burning over one thousand calories and staying in the RED-ZONE during our workouts! His time has finally come and us coach’s would like to congratulate him on being this week’s ASS KICKER!!!

Hey Tom, you’ve definitely made an impression in the short months that you’ve been part of our Eze Fit Family. I definitely see a bunch of award nominations coming your way at our 2017 Ezey Awards. Keep striving for greatness brother, because the sky is your limit! Congrats on earning this well deserved title, welcome to the Ass Kicker Club!

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