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Starrlane Primak

Starrlane Primak before & after

Before walking into Eze Fitness for the first time I was unfit emotionally and physically.  As a woman that is not shy to eat, I had gained weight over the past few years and started to hate the way I looked and felt. Clothes were getting tighter and I felt sluggish and lazy all the time. I tried a few different gyms and fitness programs but none motivated me or caught my interest enough. I continued to eat and drink whatever I wanted with no worries. I started hearing about Eze Fit Boot Camp through a friend and saw her transformation through Facebook.

One day I woke up just so unhappy with myself, I decided I NEEDED to do something about this. I’m too young and pretty to not appreciate myself. Finally, I got myself to a 6 am boot camp class at Eze Fitness in Brick, NJ. This was one of the BEST DECISIONS OF MY LIFE! Eze Fitness has helped make the lifestyle change I needed and wanted. Going to the gym is part of my everyday schedule and I look forward to it every single day! One of the first things I do every morning is pack my gym bag. I have not only lost weight but gained the confidence I should have always had. I’m still slimming down and taking my goals to the next level. Eating habits? Completely different! I’m more knowledgeable of what I put in my body and why. I feel fantastic inside and out!

Since joining Eze Fitness, I have lost 35 lbs and dropped 6 jean sizes! At first I was definitely nervous about being in a gym and uncomfortable about the way I felt about myself, but those feelings all went away as soon as I walked in the door. All the trainers are absolutely amazing and caring. They are always making sure my form is right, or handing me heavier weights to challenge me. They taught me about better food habits and the breakdown of nutrients I should be having to get the results I workout for. This gym is without question the best gym around!

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