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Resa Murawski

Resa Murawski before & after

Prior to starting Eze Fitness I was nowhere near healthy or fit in any aspect of my life – physically, mentally or emotionally. I put everyone before myself and I stuffed my feelings and emotions with food and cigarettes. I ate out almost every single day. If I ate anything from home it was processed garbage. Exercise didn’t exist for me, and I would try any quick fix diet I possibly could. I can remember getting a Fitbit only to realize my daily steps were most often less than 1,400 steps per day. I was exhausted at all times and lived on coffee and high sugar creamers. Once my husband and I went to a comedy show with our friends and we had to walk a really far distance in the heat. I was so angry we didn’t park close, I was out of breath and exhausted to the point where I wanted to turn around and sit in the car until the show was done. I acted out in frustration and when I finally arrived to our lawn seats and sat down, I waited until my husband went to get food and drinks and I literally sobbed in tears. I was so ashamed of myself. Tipping the scale at 268 pounds, I had become the heaviest I ever was. I was obese and out of control. I was oblivious to allowing myself to get to that point.

Fast forward a few months, and the opportunity to start at Eze Fitness presented itself. I struggled with making the decision to commit. I mean, who really likes to exercise and sweat anyway?? At that point, I had baby fever and really wanted to start a family. I had my blood work done and the results invoked a fear within me I had never felt before. Border-line type two diabetes!? Who was this person I had become? I had a conversation with my husband about starting Eze Fitness and I sobbed to him. I didn’t care about me; I only wanted to do this for everyone else so I could start a family. It broke my husband’s heart to hear this. Not because I wanted to do it for my family, or the family that may be in the future, but because not once did I ever mention doing it to help myself, or because I loved myself. Seeing him so upset, made me feel like I let him down and I decided right then and there, I needed to make a change for myself. I needed to commit whole heartedly and give it my all. This was my life and I wasn’t going to allow it to take a turn for the worse because of my poor decisions.

April 18, 2016 I walked into Eze Fitness with my husband and a dear friend. That was day one. I barely fit in my size XXL “fat yoga pants” and I hadn’t had physical activity of that caliber ever. I pushed through though. I remember doing bicep curls while kneeling over the swiss ball. I was drenched in sweat and I looked over at my husband and he mouthed “Keep it up; I’m so proud of you”.  I cried, and hoped my sweat hid my tears. That first week was rough, I had to count to three to sit down and stand up, but I kept going back, and secretly I kind of liked feeling the pain of being sore. It was a sign of working hard for something I so desperately wanted.

Eight months later I’m down 40 lbs., countless inches and my gains are bigger than my losses! I’ve increased my strength, gained muscle, gained self-love, self-confidence, I quit smoking cigarettes, learned how to eat and sustain a healthy lifestyle. I’ve committed myself to the gym. It’s become my happy place. I surprise myself constantly with my ability to perform certain exercises. As a girl who never wanted to sweat, I now gauge my workouts on how much I sweat. It may sound crazy, but I feel sexiest in my gym clothes and who doesn’t want to feel that?!

Eze Fitness really changed my life. Every day I walk into that gym with a smile on my face. They are not like any other gym. They are FAMILY. You are welcomed with warm smiles, hellos and hugs that are genuine by both the trainers and the members! If you were having a bad day, Eze Fitness makes it better! I have NEVER once felt judged or like the “fat girl” in the gym that I’ve so often felt in other places. All of my trainers push me to be the best version of me; they root for me and cheer me on. Eze Fitness encourages relationships of all kinds and Jemand and his crew push to make sure they are involved in the community and driving togetherness by hosting all types of social events. They continue to make sure there are constantly different types of programs running so you never get bored of the same routine and it always stays exciting! My husband and I have made some once in a lifetime type friendships. It’s my favorite support group, and we all help inspire and motivate each other! At this point, my journey is nowhere near over, and my goals have changed along the way, but I do know the one thing that remains constant – My gratitude for the transformation of my mind, body and soul Eze Fitness has instilled within me will be life-long and I cannot wait to see what the future with Eze Fitness brings!

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