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Paul Barna

Paul Barna before & after

I was an athlete my whole life. I lettered in 4 sports in high school and played Division 1 football. My wife, Erin, always tells me that I am the type of person that can try something once and be good at it. So when parenthood and the 30’s hit me, I didn’t know how to handle it. My whole life, I could eat whatever I wanted and lose weight. Then one day I woke up and looked in the mirror. I weighed more than I ever did in my life and even worse, my doctor called and said my cholesterol was bordering 300. He said if I didn’t go on medication, I risked dying at a young age. Being a father to a 2 year old at the time, I couldn’t imagine not being able to see her grow up. I couldn’t imagine leaving my beautiful wife all alone on this earth. I had to do something. Going on medication for the rest of my life wasn’t going to cut it. I had to try something else before I went down that road. This is where my Eze Fitness journey began.

The day I walked into Eze Fitness, I felt like I became part of a family. Everyone cares for each other and roots for everyone’s accomplishments, no matter how big or small. I have become a better man, husband, and father since joining Eze Fitness. I have learned about meal preparation, workout techniques, and overall wellness. Since joining Eze Fitness, my cholesterol has dropped down to 200, I am as strong as I was in college, and I competed in the Warrior Challenge. Even though I haven’t lost a ton of weight, that weight is now composed of muscle instead of fat. I wish I could have been able to sculpt myself like this when I was younger. I now look forward to coming to the gym every day instead of dreading it to the point that I just wouldn’t go. Even on days that I’m not feeling 100%, I know I will walk out in one hour feeling refreshed and thankful I went. I never felt that way about a gym or a workout before in my life.

Eze Fitness is special because it is not a bunch of people trying to show you up, knock you down, or show you how to fail. It breeds success because the atmosphere is clear of any negativity. I have never heard a negative word come out of any trainer’s mouth. When someone in the gym achieves a goal, there is a true sense of happiness. I have worked out in many gyms and been coached by many great men and women. I have never seen a more positive atmosphere in my life. Having been a coach myself, I understand what true motivation and compassion is compared to selfishness and arrogance. Eze Fitness has made me the most comfortable I have ever felt about myself. Not only that, but they have made me healthy again. I can now run up the stairs with my daughter and not lose my breath. I can lift her up as many times as she wants because I am confident I will not drop her. I can be there as she grows up to show her how a woman should be treated and make sure it happens! Most importantly, I can be there for my wife to grow old and happy because I made a vow on my wedding day that I would be the best man I can possibly be for the rest of my life. Thanks to Eze Fitness, I can now feel confident that I can live up to that statement.

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