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  • Not your typical gym.

    Unlike other boot camps and gyms, we use structured weight training routines designed to challenge you beyond what you are capable of. Our team will motivate and inspire you to get the results you want.

  • Full Body Workouts.

    Sculpt your entire body, inch by inch, muscle by muscle. You can expect to become stronger, more fit and toned while dropping inches and pounds. View our Program Breakdown.

  • Next Level Training.

    By adding boxing into the mix, you’ll torch fat and burn up to 900 calories per workout. We also have semi-private and personal training sessions available.


  • Charlene Sottilare before & after

    Charlene Sottilare

    I began my journey to fitness and health on October 29, 2011. My mom had passed away a few months prior and while caring for her, I packed on an extra 25 pounds—in addition to me already being overweight, being... Read More ▸

  • erin monsen before & after

    Erin Monsen

    I am a mother of three beautiful kids, age 4 and under. I am a wife, a daughter, a sister, a teacher. I am me. It took me a long time to find me. I grew up the heavy kid.... Read More ▸

  • Vicky Roon before & after

    Vicky Roon

    When I became pregnant with my second child I was pretty out of shape, and being pregnant again I didn’t see any reason to start working out, which ultimately made my second C-section harder to recover from. After my daughter... Read More ▸

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