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Nicole Morrison

Nicole Morison before & after

Before joining Eze Fitness, physically I was in bad shape.  It was exhausting for me to run around and play with my children. When family bike rides would take place, I would have to stop constantly because I couldn’t breathe, and that became frustrating which led me to stop joining in on bike rides. Mentally, I was a basket case. I would binge on awful food, then mentally beat myself up because I had engorged myself.  I used food as my happy place.  But when it was over I would literally stare at myself in the mirror and be disgusted.  Emotionally I was stuck. I thought this was the way I was always going to be. I felt hopeless and defeated. I had always been such a determined, strong person but that person was gone. At my heaviest I was 275 pounds. I had constant heart palpitations, would always be on the couch, and just be miserable.  

Since joining Eze Fitness, I feel so strong and excited for my future self.  Every night I run around the house playing hide and seek with the baby.  I don’t ever need a break, I’m never tired or winded.  I keep on playing until she’s done.  I run around the yard with my kids and I can keep up with them with no struggle.  My son and I will take bike rides together to get quality time in and now he has to race to keep up with me lol!  Although I’m still on my journey I’m so proud to say that I am now 200.9 pounds.  I’ve lost countless inches everywhere.  This consistent losing is keeping me motivated and focused on my next goal.  

Eze Fitness came into my life by chance.  I had won a free month at my kid’s school gift auction.  I was actually aggravated when I won because I hated exercising. Everyone at my table was cracking up because they knew how much exercise wasn’t on my agenda.  I walked into boot camp and I never left!  It’s my obsession!  My life revolves around which class I’m going to.  I had tried every fad diet out there from Weight Watchers to Beach Body.  I have also exercised with no real results at Work Out World, CKO Boxing, and countless home regimens. Nothing worked.  Nothing kept me motivated and I ALWAYS failed.  

Eze Fitness is now my life.  People who know me constantly ask what the heck I’m doing because of how good I look.  I explain to them that it’s not a hassle to go workout. Once I walked into Eze Fitness I instantly felt like I mattered, I felt like family.  Jemand, Jon, Stefano, and Tony make you feel like you can achieve anything.  Whenever I would say I can’t do something, they respond with, “Yeah right! Try it!” followed by hugs and positive praise for accomplishing things. Other gyms out there care about getting their fee.  Jemand truly cares about each individual person.  It’s a beautiful thing when trainers want you to succeed almost more than you want it for yourself.  Even members at this gym care about you. There are some people whose names I still don’t know that will say to me “You got this”, “One more round”, “Come on push it!”  I’ve never felt so good about myself. Honestly, I’M FEELIN MYSELF!”  The diet from the most recent Fall Back Into Fitness Challenge that I participated in at Eze Fitness showed me a way to eat clean most of the time while still having my cheat meals.  Now I can honestly say I’ve made a lifestyle change! My testimony is as real life as it gets! I am Eze Fit for Life!  

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