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Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer Anderson before & after

I have been overweight for most of my life; trying practically every diet and exercise program out there and always with short lived success if there was success at all.  I had gotten to my heaviest weight a few years ago as I battled through challenges that life threw my way.  Stress eating has always been my go-to coping mechanism and I had hit my all-time high.  It wasn’t until I saw a picture of myself (my before picture actually) that I realized something had to happen.  I had lost control of myself and who I was.  She was hiding under all of the excess weight that I had piled on. I was disgusted with myself and had no energy to do anything about it.  I started contemplating weight loss surgery.  I didn’t know what else to do because the heavier I got the harder it was to get motivated to do anything about it.  I knew a few people that had amazing transformations with Eze Fitness but knew “that couldn’t be me”, because they didn’t start off “as fat as me”.  We often don’t realize how much of an impact the words we say to ourselves can have and I was always my own worst enemy.  However, for some reason I reached out and talked to a friend who had success and she made a valid point:  “You get a free week trial, what do you have to lose?”

I have always looked at crazy transformations and said, “That testimonial is BS” or “so exaggerated” or “I’m sure they are leaving the hardest part out”…not believing what was being put in front of me.  Having said that, I promise that’s not the case with my story (or any others of the Eze Fitness transformations).  With complete honesty I can say that if you were to have told me a year ago that I would lose just about 65 pounds (64.3 to be exact) in less than a year without surgery I would have laughed at you because those stories don’t happen, especially to me.  But I did it! Let me say that again, “I DID IT!”  I lost those 64.3 pounds, went down over 4 sizes in less than a year and I found myself again!  It is such an amazing feeling!  Now let me not be one of those people who leave out the “hard parts”, so here goes:  There were days where I just wanted to stay home and watch TV on the couch, there were days I was so sore I didn’t think I’d be able to get out of bed, there were days I wanted to eat everything in my refrigerator (and freezer), and the list can go on. The difference with Eze Fitness was that although there were days I did each of those things, being part of this gym helped me get back on track to continue on my journey. Because hey, at the end of the day, healthy and happy are the best feelings ever!  I still have a ways to go to my final goal but I know I’ve got this!

I’m going to admit it, I didn’t think I could do it. I walked into a room once again filled with “cool kids” as the “fat girl”, being the heaviest in the room. I thought to myself I will never be able to do any of this.  I was partially right, there were things that pressed me out of my comfort zone and made me feel like I looked ridiculous but it was the support within the walls of Eze Fitness that made me realize it was possible.  The trainers treat everyone as if they were the same size while at the same time individually adjusting what is needed to ensure success for each person. They push you in a way that doesn’t even feel overwhelming because they are each amazingly motivating. Then add to that mix a room full of “cool kids” that literally become instant family. Everyone has their own story. Their own beginnings. Their own struggles. But in the end we all are the same in this: we are making it happen because of the support and motivation of everyone in the room and the dedication inside to want it!

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