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Andrea Jaworski

Andrea before & after

Prior to joining Eze Fitness I was quite frustrated because regardless of what I tried, I was stuck at a plateau! Worse than that, I started convincing myself I wasn’t going to lose weight because I must have a thyroid problem or some other metabolic disease. Finally, a friend of mine suggested I give Eze Fitness a try and I did.

I had never experienced such a heart pounding, sweat dripping workout like the Eze workouts. It was incredible and after the trial week, I was hooked! I was excited when I learned Eze Fitness uses MyZone technology so members can track progress and calories burned. I purchased a MyZone belt immediately so I can track my workouts in class and out of class.

Fast forward seven months and I’m down 32 pounds, yes that’s right, 32 pounds! I feel awesome and I have a lot more confidence that I can accomplish my goal of competing next spring. Besides that, I dropped 2 clothing sizes going from a 10 to a 6 and I have never been this “small”, if you can call it that, before. I’m still getting used to that – in a good way. Eze Fitness is different than other boot camps. The workouts are varied so you are not doing the same exercises every day and each day is a different body part. I love the boxing days – what a great stress reliever after a long day to go into the gym to FSU (f**k sh*t up)! Lol. The trainers are special and really care about the members and they know their stuff! Through their guidance, I’ve proved to myself that I am capable of losing weight, as well as doing exercises I probably wouldn’t have attempted before (like box jumps). Eze Fitness is really a one of a kind boot camp. There’s nothing that compares!

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