- Why Choose Eze Fitness? -

  • Not your typical gym.

    Unlike other boot camps and gyms, we use structured weight training routines designed to challenge you beyond what you are capable of. Our team will motivate and inspire you to get the results you want.

  • Full Body Workouts.

    Sculpt your entire body, inch by inch, muscle by muscle. You can expect to become stronger, more fit and toned while dropping inches and pounds. View our Program Breakdown.

  • Next Level Training.

    By adding boxing into the mix, you’ll torch fat and burn up to 900 calories per workout. We also have semi-private and personal training sessions available.


  • Andrea before & after

    Andrea Jaworski

    Prior to joining Eze Fitness I was quite frustrated because regardless of what I tried, I was stuck at a plateau! Worse than that, I started convincing myself I wasn’t going to lose weight because I must have a thyroid problem or... Read More ▸

  • Nicole Morison before & after

    Nicole Morrison

    Before joining Eze Fitness, physically I was in bad shape.  It was exhausting for me to run around and play with my children. When family bike rides would take place, I would have to stop constantly because I couldn’t breathe,... Read More ▸

  • Danny Neylan before & after

    Dan Neylan

    I originally joined Eze because I was tired of going through the same routine at Retro. I would workout 4-5x a week but I wanted to change it up. I wasn’t happy with how I looked and how I was... Read More ▸

  • Paul Barna before & after

    Paul Barna

    I was an athlete my whole life. I lettered in 4 sports in high school and played Division 1 football. My wife, Erin, always tells me that I am the type of person that can try something once and be... Read More ▸

  • Danielle Torlucci before & after

    Danielle Torlucci

    After the summer of 2014, I found myself being the heaviest I had ever been. My clothes never fit right. I didn’t want to wear jeans because all the jeans I had didn’t fit and I did not want to... Read More ▸

  • Kathy Aldino before & after

    Kathy Aldino

    Before joining Eze Fitness, I was the girl volunteering to take the picture, so I wouldn’t have to be in it. I purposely sat in the back of an event so people couldn’t see me from behind. I never had anything to... Read More ▸

  • Tom Murawski before & after

    Tom Murawski

    When I first started at Eze Fitness, all I knew was that I wanted to get into better shape and lose some weight. I had no idea just how much of an impact it would have on my life.  Physically, I... Read More ▸

  • Resa Murawski before & after

    Resa Murawski

    Prior to starting Eze Fitness I was nowhere near healthy or fit in any aspect of my life – physically, mentally or emotionally. I put everyone before myself and I stuffed my feelings and emotions with food and cigarettes. I... Read More ▸

  • Starrlane Primak before & after

    Starrlane Primak

    Before walking into Eze Fitness for the first time I was unfit emotionally and physically.  As a woman that is not shy to eat, I had gained weight over the past few years and started to hate the way I... Read More ▸

  • Jennifer Anderson before & after

    Jennifer Anderson

    I have been overweight for most of my life; trying practically every diet and exercise program out there and always with short lived success if there was success at all.  I had gotten to my heaviest weight a few years ago... Read More ▸

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