Jemand Ezeonwuka

Owner and Founder Super Hero Alias: Batman

Jemand has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years. He started out as a trainer in several big-box gyms in NJ and NYC, but always knew he was destined for more. Jemand was always passionate about the “personal”... Read More ▸


Hafiz Montgomery

Director of Boxing Super Hero Alias: Flash

Hafiz Montgomery, better known as “Flash”, is a professional boxer from Ocean County who has been in the sport of boxing since the age of 14. In June of 2017, after only 2 short years of training in the professional... Read More ▸

Jon Lazo

Jon Lazo

Boot Camp Coach Super Hero Alias: Iron Man

Jon “Iron Man” Lazo has always been a true leader. Once a threat to the Jersey Shore wrestling community and captain of his wrestling team, Jon has always enjoyed guiding others and leading them to victory. Shortly after ending his... Read More ▸


Tara Mallett

Director of Operations Super Hero Alias: Mighty Muscle Muffin Master

Once just a client of Eze Fitness, Tara became instantly hooked on the Eze way of life. It wasn’t long before she became a member of the team and filled the much-needed position of Eze Fitness Operations Manager and EzeInspires... Read More ▸