Skylar Primak

August 27, 2016 5:44 pm 13996162_10106710716287649_4896998280989503365_o

Earning the title of this week’s Brick Ass Kicker of the Week is Skylar Primak!! If you haven’t been around for the recent storm of awesomeness that Sky has been bringing to Eze Fit, then I can assure you that you must be on our Slacker Hunter list, cause this girl has been bringing it for some time now!

I remember when Sky first came into Eze Fit and she was so nervous about being overwhelmed with the workouts and keeping up with everyone in our classes. Now, she’s pulling doubles left and right, and bringing in new people encouraging and inspiring them to make themselves better and get on track with a healthier, fitter lifestyle with her and the rest of her fit fam here at Eze.

Especially this last week, I barely even recognized her with how hard she was going after each workout. Picking up heavier, and heavier weights. Making sure she finishes sets, even if the bell has already been rung. Sky is on a mission, and I’m not the only one noticing. I can tell you who specifically told me they know how strong you have been getting….my stomach. From all those body shots I took from you during boxing this week….damn! Next time I might have to go straight mitt work.

Sky, myself, and the rest of the team here at Eze Fit are unbelievably proud of your accomplishments so far, and absolutely love the drive you have going. Keep up the awesome work, cause its only going to pay off more for you. Congratulations on earning this title, and welcome to the club! Woot Woooot!!!

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