Lyndsay Solomon

August 16, 2016 2:49 am 13920166_10106680690903759_7864689804789247629_o

Earning the title of this week’s Brick Ass Kicker of the Week is Lyndsay Solomon! Lyndsay has been turning heads here at Eze Fit, and it’s not just because of her looks. I’m pretty sure she has been trying out for the next Fast and Furious movie with how many gears she’s been moving throughout her workouts. Lyndsay has been just straight up leaving it all out on the floor and giving everything she has in every workout.

My favorite days to train with Lyndsay are on Wednesday’s. She is our main mascot for “Spaghetti Wednesday’s” with her arms going numb just after 1 or 2 stations. But she keeps powering through the rest with a smile, and afterwards the rewards are worth it. Even know it may be the toughest day for her, she keeps coming back for more every week determined to get better. Let me tell you, her hard work is paying off!

Lyndsay, you come from a lineage of Eze Fit best transformation titles, and I think if you keep up this amazing streek your on, your going to add some Ezey’s trophy’s to the family room come January. Congratulations on earning this title, you deserve it! Welcome to the club!

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