Liz Bizzigotti

August 27, 2016 5:52 pm 14067939_10106740267746289_5222263671692855362_o

Earning the title of this week’s Brick Ass Kicker of the Week is Liz Bizzigotti! I couldn’t be more proud of how hard Liz has been working over the past couple months. Ever since she had Baby David, Liz has been eager to get back to the beach body she was rocking before the baby weight. As Tom Cruise would say….”Mission Accomplished!”

Over the past couple months, Liz has been more consistent then I have ever seen before. With her mom Nancy, who is 2015’s Brick Ass Kicker of the Year, in her corner giving her that extra push, Liz has made amazing progress. So much so, she’s even starting to not roll her eyes at me anymore when I give her heavier weights haha. Honestly though, it’s been hard to even try to find stations to push her harder anymore. Liz is doing it all on her own now. That’s how you know results are earned!

Tony and I were talking about some heavy hitters with pads this week too, and guess who made the top of his list. Yea, that’s right, Liz. I was thinking twice about telling her, cause I don’t want her to be giving Nancy (her mom) any tips on how to fight back. We like beating her up too much.

Liz, you truly have been kicking ass in class the past month or so, and it really shows! You are looking fantastic, and we can’t wait to to keep pushing you to the next level. We appreciate your commitment in consistently getting into the gym even with a newborn. Congratulations on earning this title, and welcome to the 2x Ass Kicker Club!

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