***Fitness Friday*** Complete 3 rounds in your best time with proper form. Rest as needed.Warm-up and cool down for 5-10 minutes each. 15 Front Raise (http://ow.ly/ZhvnH)15 Prisoner Squats (http://ow.ly/ZhvuQ)25 meter Lateral Shuffle (http://ow.ly/ZhvyS)15 Star Jumps (http://ow.ly/ZhvAc)15 Hollow Snaps (http://ow.ly/ZhvLN) (or 15 sec hollow hold http://ow.ly/ZhvIr) ​​#fitfriday #workouts #workoutideas #bodybuilding #workouttips #nodaysoff #noexcuses #health #fitforlife #jerseyshore #ezefitness​

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