Erin Monsen

August 16, 2016 2:48 am 13882615_10153871504496696_893611396464412256_n

Earning the title of Neptune “Eze Fit Ass Kicker of The Week” is Erin Monsen. Truth be told, Erin is someone who is qualified to win this Ass Kicker title every week. That’s how amazing she is! She is undoubtedly one of the most inspiring member in our Eze Fit Family! For a mom of 3 who just turned 36 last week to look as good as Erin does, you’ll probably think she’s on some kind of magic pill! Lol. She was able to shed nearly 20 lbs of baby weight within a few months after having baby Thomas. She’s also quickly regaining her competition-like physique. Her transformation so far has been insane! The truth is, Erin is not on a magic pill. The secret formula to her success is discipline + consistency + dedication + mommy power + 100% commitment = BOOM… Two-Time Ass Kicker Erin Monsen!

Jon is one of Erin’s biggest fan. Here’s what he has to say. “Erin Monsen’s overall transformation has been absolutely astounding! When I first met Erin she was pregnant. Soon after having her baby boy she set out on a mission to obtain the physique she was destined to have! Well… looking at her right now, you wouldn’t even know she ever had a baby hahah. She looks undeniably stunning! To me she is the true definition of “Resting Muscle”- (An Individual whose muscles are so defined, no flex is needed) LMAO. To add to her title, Erin is always first in the parking lot, which displays her true determination to her overall fitness goals. Lately, she has been shocking us all with her incredible strength and abilities, pounding the weights until outright exhaustion. Overall earning her 2nd Ass Kicker tile. Congrats Erin “Resting Muscle” Monsen #NoFLEXNeeded !!!

Hey Erin, I can’t even imagine what Eze Fit would be like without you. You’ve played a major role in not just inspiring our members but also in inspiring others who follow you to join Eze Fit, or even start leading a healthier lifestyle. I love, honor and appreciate you girl! Congrats on earning this well deserved title, welcome to the 2X Ass Kicker Club!

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