Charlene Sottilare-Dyson

August 27, 2016 5:48 pm 14089108_10153888426771696_4016232449753552723_n

Earning the title of Neptune “Eze Fit Ass Kicker of The Week” is Charlene Dyson. Char is someone I absolutely love, admire, and appreciate more than I can put into words. I’m actually getting butterflies and chills writing this post because of how I feel about this amazing woman. I met Char when she was at her worst. Overweight, unhealthy, depressed, unhappy and desperate for help! She found Eze Fit through a mutual friend who is also near and dear to me. Char began her epic fitness journey the moment she joined the Eze Fit Family in October 2011. She went from ZERO to HERO within 2 years of being at Eze, accomplishing things she’s never dreamed of! From crushing numerous Mudruns, to being in my “Vacation Ready Body” workout DVD, to even getting on stage and competing as a Figure competitor. She totally re-invented herself! While at the top of her game Char took a few years off from Eze Fit to pursue power lifting which was another one of her goals. Fast forward two and a half years later and the amazing Charlene is back, picking up right where she left off! In the 5 months of returning to Eze Fitness, Charlene continues to do what she does best, kicking ass and inspiring others to get out of their comfort zone and do the same!

It’s funny, Charlene has been in Jon’s top 5 votes for Ass Kicker from the moment she returned. Amazed by her jaw-dropping awesomeness here’s what he has to say. “Bringing fuel to the fire, Charlene has been on top of her game, INSPIRING us all at EZE FIT! When first meeting Char, one could admit she’s pretty INTIMIDATING! Having quads that are a sight to see, she puts them to work by blowing us away with her ungodly lifting strength! Her incredible willpower and caring persona has left members wanting to always partner up with her. Over the past couple months Charlene and I have become close friends. I am so grateful to have such a positive person like her in my life! In addition, she always gives amazing advice and I truly look up to her! The amount of inspiration and overall TRANSFORMATION has earned her my vote for this week’s ASS KICKER!!! Congrats girl, I’m so proud of you!!!

Hey Char, I’m so happy you found your way home to Eze Fit! I’m truly honored to be your coach and I wanna thank you for trusting me with your health and fitness since day one. Your struggles, pain, achievements and success in fitness and in life will make a great autobiography that will inspire thousands of women across the globe one day… so you better start writing! Until then, keep doing what you do best! 😉 Congrats on earning this well deserved title, welcome to the 2X Ass Kicker Club!

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