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Erin Bolger


Earning the title of this week’s Brick Ass Kicker of the Week is Erin Bolger! Where does one begin to explain the influence Erin has on her fellow bootcampers. Well I can assure you her 6am family can describe her in one aspect as their alarm clock in the morning haha. Erin always makes sure… Read More ▸

Kelley Aronne


Earning the title of Neptune “Eze Fit Ass Kicker of The Week” is Kelley Aronne. The last time this Mama earned this Ass Kicker title was 4 years ago, before she was a mommy of two lovely kids. At the time, Kelley had won the title within only two months of joining the Eze Fit… Read More ▸

Joe LaPlaca


Earning the title of this weeks Bricks Ass Kicker of the Week is Joe Laplaca! Joe is nothing but a machine from the moment he walks into the door each day he walks into the door. He always makes sure he is properly warmed up for the madness he is about to endure with each… Read More ▸

Kelly Griffin


Earning the title of Neptune “Eze Fit Ass Kicker of The Week” is Kelly Griffin. I’ve admired Kelly since the first day she stepped foot into Eze Fit and made a commitment to transform her life! Let me tell you, the struggle was real for this lady. Heck, it still is! Although things have improved… Read More ▸