Andrea Jaworski

August 27, 2016 5:51 pm 14063938_10153905547986696_2871271303184250453_n

Earning the title of Neptune “Eze Fit Ass Kicker of The Week” is Andrea Jaworski. Not very often do you find women who has the kind of presence that can command authority like Andrea does. Seriously, if she walked into a room that you were in, I guarantee you that you would feel the need to stop whatever you’re doing and stand at attention! Hahaha. Although she stands tall at 5’7, her muscular power lifting physique makes her look over 6ft! However, regardless of how intimidating she might seem, Andrea is the most beautiful and sweetest person you’ll ever meet. She comes into the gym with a smile and leaves with an even bigger smile! Since joining Eze Fit she’s accomplished quite a few things. She’s conquered her fear of the 24 inch duel box jumps, she’s fortified her positive mindset and self belief, and she finally broke through her fat loss plateau, consistently losing a pound a week for a total of 10 pounds to date. Although Andrea is slowly hacking away at each one of her goals, one major one still remains. Which is getting on stage and competing as a physique competitor in 2017! This one goal has been the major driving force for Andrea’s fitness success and she’ll stop at nothing until she sees it through.

Jon has admired Andrea since the first day she walked into Eze Fitness. “Andrea has been on absolute fire since first joining EZE Fit. Members are inspired by her tremendous effort level during our treacherously fun workouts! When the time comes for us to challenge her, Andrea is relentless and shocks us all with her incredible amount of capabilities. Last week, I witnessed something truly remarkable. Our program required our members to complete burpee step-out dual box jumps. I had looked over at Andrea and asked her, “Why are you jumping on the 12″ blue boxes, I know you can easily clear those big red 24” boxes next to you”. She replied, “I don’t know, I’m nervous to jump that high! Having a smirk on her face as always we both knew she could easily clear that height! Three minutes later I see Jemand pull out the bigger boxes and BOOM! Andrea went ahead and cleared the boxes! At that moment the expression on her face was priceless and the energy in the room soared!!! It’s always important to never doubt yourself and Andrea is someone who persistently trusts herself and the process that has now earned her this week’s Ass Kicker in my vote. Continue to shock us all girl, we are so proud of you!”

Hey Andrea, I wanna thank you for believing in what we do and trusting us to help you break your plateau and take you to that next level of fitness. After seeing what you are capable of in the gym, I’m even more confident of your success when you decide to take the stage next year. I’ve believed in you from day one and I’m glad you are starting to believe in yourself as well. I’ll always be in your corner girl, so let’s keep kicking ass! 😉 Congrats on earning this well deserved title, welcome to the Ass Kicker Club!

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